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From The Founder

Since I can remember I have obsessed over brands that come out with limited quantity or original items. Clothing, home décor, Starbucks cups and even tech items such as the orange clamshell MacBook from the movie Legally Blonde in the early 2000’s (weird, right!). I did not care about the label or shock factor, in fact I do not like attention on myself. Growing up in a small town I just did not want to be like anyone else. So, it came at no surprise when I went looking for some pet supplies for my new puppy the solid hot pink collar at my local pet supply store was not going to work for me or my new puppy.  I began my search for pet supplies that was unique without compromising comfort, safety and quality. After hours of searching in stores and online I quickly realized what I was looking for was not out there and I couldn’t be the only dog mom who wanted beautiful, original, quality products.

Working as a nail tech at a local spa, with minimal web and graphic design experience, I spent nine months staying up all night reading on the internet how to make this happen. All self-taught, I became a web designer, photographer, graphic designer, book keeper, social media wizard. All the things needed in order to start and run a successful business. I found a manufacturer, registered my LLC, left my day job and Doodle Pet Design Co. went live on December 1st, 2019. 

These days, Doodle Pet Design Co. products can be found in a few local retailers in addition to the online store. You can find me in my home office with my Australian Labradoodle, Brian and French Bulldog, Penelope. Doing the day to day things of owning and operating my own business.

Thank you for your love & support. It is because of you I get to do what I love every day! Drink coffee, cuddle puppies and design.







Where each collection begins...

Each pattern starts with a vision and is custom designed by Katie. Then sent to a manufacturer who custom prints the pattern onto high quality material through a process called dye-sublimation. The material never fades, colors never bleed and because the material is high quality it is very easily cleaned. Even white can get muddy with no staining. Allowing dogs to be dogs, knowing your investment and adorable accessories will return to "new".