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Doodle Pet Design Co. was created by a designer and dog enthusiast looking to bring safe, comfortable, quality, unique, fun and fashionable pet accessories to the market. We know first hand how fun it is to accessorize our Doodle with a fun bandana, harness or collar. This is why we have designed a line of accessories catering to Doodle breeds, both big and small alike. Although tailored and designed for Doodle breeds, any dog with a similar build can also wear and enjoy our products by simply following our sizing guide. 

Doodle Pet Design Co. name and logo was inspired by our Mini Goldendoodle and all Doodle breeds in conjunction with our style of art. 

Aside from bringing comfortable, fun, fashionable accessories to the market for dogs and their owners to enjoy our mission is to build relationships and community by hosting dog meetups in cities around the world. Watch our website and social media for updates on a meetup near you!

Doodle Pet Design Co. is dedicated to giving back by donating a portion of our proceeds to rescues and shelters. You can purchase from us with confidence, knowing your purchase will go towards making a difference in another dog’s life. We hope to expand this program with volunteer and fund raising efforts as our company and Doodle community grows.